Top trends in skirting boards to follow in 2019

A majority of us have skirting boards installed to our house, and we have learned that skirting boards are of great importance. Let’s have a look at the purpose of skirting boards:

What are skirting boards?

A skirting board is alternatively known as timber boards, MDF boards, baseboards, and architraves and they are manufactured to add a decorative or contemporary profile to the bottoms of your wall. Skirting boards can be manufactured into various thicknesses, height, and length, and it could be painted or textured as per the preferences of a homeowner.

History of Skirting Boards:

There are several theories on the formation of skirting boards; however, it has been acknowledged that skirting boards are predominantly used for hiding a joint between a plastered wall and floor. Also, it has been speculated that skirting boards were used for halting the spurs of horsemen from damaging the walls.

Why use skirting boards?

Skirting boards play an imperative role in hiding a gap between wall and skirting boards; however, it is more than just that. Skirting boards play a role in protecting the lower part of wall from mopping, vacuums, cartons being dragged, and regular household traffic. If you have installed timber flooring to your house then, the installation of skirting boards would assist with concealing the space between the wall and the floor board.

Skirting boards are designed to serve a practical purpose but, they can also be used for adding a decorative and architectural element to your house. The help with framing room, and they add a contemporary touch to your room, along with adding an effortless flow between the rooms in your house.

Also, the skirting boards are relatively cost-effective, and you should consider installing skirting boards during a renovation process, and it would increase the value of your house by a tenfold.